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But we don´t only have shoes, we also have the newest collections of jeans, winter jackets, longsleeves and caps. Our winter collection will take you easily through the winter season. From new era, nike, dangerous dngrs and dickies to brands like hurley and karl kani – we have a huge range of brands and products. A second reason for the interest from established brands is that streetwear Hoodie has subverted the way fashion trends have taken off. The fashion industry has typically operated a top-down model, with insiders acting as gatekeepers to the newest styles and trends. Customers have the power to determine what is cool as much as industry insiders.

Enthusiasts follow particular brands and try to obtain limited edition releases. Streetwear’s impact – both on retail culture and the numbers involved – has caught the attention of some of the most iconic, established brands in the retail and luxury goods sectors and fashion industry generally. Streetwear players come from various parts of the fashion industry. There are pure streetwear brands, while sportswear names are developing their traditional portfolio of sports equipment into a growing streetwear portfolio with the concept of cool, hip sneakers and hoodies. In addition, luxury brands are also working to gain a significant stake in the streetwear market. Customers are often rallied via social media to be the first to buy products that are only available directly from the brand, either in-store or online.

As many as 76% of industry respondents in our survey expected the market to continue to grow significantly over the next five years. Our luxury design does not stop at the unique graphic prints, it also involves the oversized t-shirt shape, premium cotton, manufacturing process, colours and luxury represent accents. Streetwear style is generally accepted to have been born out of the new york city hip hop culture of the late 1970s and early 1980s, with elements of los angeles surf culture. Streetwear is one of the most striking retail and fashion trends to have emerged in recent years, involving the production, promotion, sale and resale of casual fashion in ways that bypass traditional retail channels. Crafted in europe, our t-shirts come in an array of styles, form vintage t-shirt colours like vintage grey, black and brown to more traditional colourways of grey melange and vintage white. Keep an eye out for our exclusive drops throughout the year as we often release extremely limited quantities with their own bespoke designs.

Although styles of shoes have changed, the link between sneaker culture and streetwear remains strong. The sneaker market grew more than 40 percent between 2004 and 2016. The evidence shows that growth expectations for streetwear are robust, even as there are some clouds gathering over the retail industry amid a global economic slowdown.

Why not complete layer your look and combine this with one of our streetwear hoodies or complement a pair of our streetwear pants. If you are looking to discover luxury streetwear t-shirts and graphic tees you have come to the right place. Representclo.Com is the home of luxury men’s apparel and footwear and we have everything you could ever need, all under one roof.

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